Bob Marrs Legacy

Bob Marrs Poinsettia Flower Hand-Tooled Saddle 

The Bob Marrs Poinsettia of the High Plains Rides On!

In 1956, Bob Marrs began hand-tooling on his saddles the poinsettia flower, which would become his signature design motif. In addition to symbolizing "success", the flower recalls the state's history of 1836, when the flower was brought from Mexico to a newly independent Texas.

As a cowboy, saddle maker and western artist, Bob personified the American Dream. Faith, family, business and community service were the pillars of this dream realized over his 94 3/4 years. Bob's relentless pursuit of excellence fueled his love of learning, dedication to honing his craft and artistry, and his dedication to helping others learn his skills.

In 2021, working with his granddaughter, Bob Marrs championed his signature poinsettia by incorporating it into the traditional paisley bandana.

Preserving history

 As stewards of his legacy, we are continuing to provide provenance of Bob Marrs saddles to owners, collectors and institutions as Bob and Betty have done over the years. Further, a Bob Marrs Saddle Restoration and Preservation Program as well as upcoming community events are in the works. 

Sign up to learn more about this program. Also consider sending us your saddle serial number with mailing address and contact number so we can keep Bob Marrs historical saddle records and registry current. Looking forward to hearing feedback with suggestions from you, as we serve this great community together! 

       We are honored and grateful to partner with the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Select link below for access:

Bob Marrs Legacy - PPHM x Marrs Makers

Thanks to Mr. Boots Avent for his friendship and generosity allowing us to feature his saddle in the above photoshoot.
Special thanks to the Amarillo Texas Stockyards on location.